Hair Dressing

Course Advance Salon Full Course


A course beauty has been the most popular in Thailand as a student to complete at least 50 generations. It is a course with content knowledge can turn a full Salon Salon Shop with confidence after graduation.

Shampoo-blowdry and Setting Course


Course Shampoo-blowdry and Setting prefectly and profressional.

Hair Rollers & Curlers Course


How to hair rollers and curlers for many style from standard style to teenage style.

Hair Braiding & Weaving Course


Courses braiding, from standard to many style.

Curling Digital & Spa Perm Course


Course how to Curling with Digital Curler & Spa Perm

Hair Design Course


Hair design course,for unique hairstyle by your design.

Hair Extension Courseវគ្គ ត សក់


Hair Extension Course, How to use equipment for hair extension and how to finishing in finally

Hair Up Freestyle Course


Hair up freestyle course, can do hair up any style design.

Hair Color Course


Hair Color does’t difficult anymore, with this course, can do any color or any technique.

Course Buffet Short-term


Buffet special course in shot time, depend on your time. Very worth!!.

Professional Hairpiece Course


Course hairpiece dressing in fashion, bridal, fancy style

Hair Up Standard Course


Course Tie Up Hair to transform from ordinary to beautiful women like a princess.

Hair Color & Rebonding Course


Course Permanent Hair-stretching,Rebounding and Color (Course Chemical) It made one of the popular and high-income stores for Salon because they can make pretty outstanding customer demand.

Professional Hair Cutting Course


Course haircut professional learning. For a hair stylist who wants to add capacity and new hair style, the popularity of the fashion market. Whether trendy Korean or Japanese, you can cut to customers beautiful – cool.

Barber Course


Course Barber Shop to open classes for Men and Women (or Boys and Girls) haircut. Using Pocket alien eyes. And knives for the Hair.

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