Course Advance Salon Full Course

A course beauty has been the most popular in Thailand until Students to complete at least 50 generations. It is a course with content knowledge in Salon that can open the store completely. Salon with confidence after graduation. And some students learned to open shops to continue. Because the lesson can be modified to meet the needs of students with Customers directly. In addition, cross-class school of eternal Rat flexibility to adjust Change school hours. Students can attend freely according to needs and free time. So who is running it can to practice after work. Or on holidays.


Duration 6-8 months, depending on the frequency of admission.


Students do not need a foundation, it can start to study for. Because it is a cross-class, starting from basic to professional.

Detail content
Hair braiding and weaving course
Hair rollers and curlers course
Shampoo-blowdry and setting course
Hair cutting standard course
Hair up standard course
Hair color basic course


- Manicurist standard course
- Basic make up course
- Face and body spa course


1. They can open their own shop with confidence.
2. School supplies can be used to get customers.
3. Will have been looking and provides advice and visits to the shop from the instructor on a regular basis.
4. Has been verified certificate certified by the Ministry of Education.
5. Can be compared to current level credits in children. Have.


Tuition Fee 59,000 Baht


Can be made at the nearest branch, and then start immediately.

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